GDPR / Privacy

30 June, 2018 — Platschi

Platschis Blog ( has been set up with "data protection by design and by default". In short:

  • Confidentiality: This blog offers SSL encryption by default.
  • Data minimization: This blog does not collect any data from the website visitor. The webserver logs are turned off.
  • Data avoidance: No cookies, no trackers, no collection of personal data. This blog might occasionally contain links to third-party websites that might track you around the web and bypass or simply ignore the GDPR. Click on outgoing links at your own risk.
  • Server Location: The server on which this blog is hosted is located in Germany. There might be a realistic chance that a third-party (secret services, ISPs, etc. etc.) are tracking and recording the traffic to and from this server, and hence this blog.

If you have any further questions regarding the privcacy policy and GDPR appliance of this blog, or just want to say "hello", be welcome to contact me. You can find my email address and PGP Key here on the Contact page.

Tags: english, datenschutz, internet